Patience in Margono Sukarjo public hospital was lost his leg

One patience in Margono Sukarjo public hospital whose name Mr. Karto (68 old) lost his leg, he come to hospital when he get an accident motor cycle. At April 3th 2008 when he ride the motorcycle, a young kid was coalition (tabrakan) with him. The boy under age (13 old year) was ride the motor cycle who the thing which borrowed from his friend. The location accident in the small road in little village the police was not take care the case because if people who get the accident they common using the discussion (family style), damage or expense to hospital will responsible togather. Mr. Karto is unlucky, the accident was broken the bones his feet, young kid was escape but people can identify the kid and find his home. He just a 2nd class at the first intermediate school and lost control from his parent, his parent is a poor family. People bring Mr. Karto to RSU Prof. Dr. Margono Sukarjo (a government public hospital of province central java in Purwokerto / Banyumas). Mr. Karto was a poor man and he can’t paid the claim from hospital. The family just had “a latter poor (surat keterangan tidak mampu) from the regent (head vilage), but management hospital was refuse this. The reason of hospital management is cost to care with insurance from government is not comparable, and Mr. Karto only care with minimize and let in general room not special orthopedic room, until 3 day he was though the pain. Final the family bring Mr. Karto to RS “ortopedi Purwokerto” (the private public hospital orthopedic). Treat medical from this hospital is satisfied, Mr. Karto immediately bring to surgical operation room to install pin for holding his bones leg. But before operation run, management hospital said that opportunity this operation is fifty-fifty, if success Mr. Karto will save but if failure he will lose his leg until knee to under. Too late to Mr. Karto, 6 day after operation the injured is always wet and come out pus (basah oleh nanah). Process to recover the wound is failed, 2nd operation is go on and hospital take decision to cut off the infection leg. Mr. Karto unlucky with his accident, he lost the leg, pay more bill, and though the pain with long time.

The ivent is not happen if the parent of little boy can control his son, police can select a filter the candidate driver license and take the cases with clearness, government can pressure the hospital to accept patience from the poor family, service from hospital as social organization public with honesty and not choosy a patience from rich man or poor man is same. I hope the accident is a finely and no body experience this. I hope so


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