Chance climate will make global warming, and this issue is always state opinion public. What can we do to this issue?

22nd April in every year remember as earth day since 1970 ago, it mean sense to be come an earth will be batter place to living. Why? Fact, at this moment earth felt not comfortable to live, one of the problem is climate chance. Its true that earth always chance the climate every seasons. However at the past a chance of the climate happen in naturally and a long time. This day climate chance its happen because human doing, and make it faster and drastic. Green house effect in normally occur in naturally, process atmosphere catch solar energy to warm earth and support natural living it now deviation. The earth atmosphere contain green house gas as like monoxide carbon and methane which can catch solar light red infra which bounce off earth. More and more much green house effect will make warming temperature earth. Where is green house gas coming? monoxide carbon is a natural gases, but it produces from fossil material burner like vehicle and the other industrial process. And methane is become from trash pile and if we dropped the trash. In every place in Indonesia local government in regional have a place processing trash in the outside town which the place is just a pile up the trash and not the processing place to be some better trash or make save a trash to human live. Since Indonesia success to organize convention of United Nation for Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) in Nusa Dua Bali at 3 – 14 December 2007 ago issue about climate chance is very popular. In every day, every informal meeting, at school , campaign about this issue. I hope some day people will aware that it is very important to active doing about climate change. andhy


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