Intel classmate can changed

Jakarta – A new design Classmate PC-based technology that Intel introduced. This new design can be changed directly from the form of a clamshell to tablet mode with the touch screen, with the design of turn 180 degrees. Attendance netbook design will complete the double this clamshell design that has been there before. Built with the Intel architecture and Intel processors supported Atom, Classmate PC has a size that is relatively lightweight and equipped with anti air.Istimewanya keyboard, Classmate design double designed specifically for students is also easily packed, and brought safe journey, as resistant to shocks and claimed when the drop-resistant rock. In the form of tablets, the screen’s Classmate PC has a feature konvertibel “palm rejection”, which is a special feature that allows students to write as usual menopangkan with their hands on the touch screen, such as quoted detikINET press release from Intel. Product Classmate PC is part of Intel Learning Series, which is an initiative that integrate hardware, software and services designed specifically for education, which offers cost effective solutions end-to-end that was built with the collaboration of local manufacturing. More than 100 vendors of software and hardware, content providers, service providers and Original Equipement Manufacturer (OEM) local has been working with Intel to build a complete infrastructure to support the Classmate PC is.

Source : detik

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