Pancasila is my IDEOLOGI

17 August 1945 … Indonesian independence day

A country that was natural resources and cultural and ethnic pluralism of religions.

Large nations, the glorious nation, which has not been aware of the potential held up …


Ideology is the most appropriate for mengayomi all the elements of the nation and the famous indonesian tribes indigenous to the plurality of culture and religion.

Grains Pancasila

1. The very one that
2. Humanity is just and civilized
3. United Indonesia
4. Led by the populist policy of wisdom in agreement  representative
5. Social justice for all people of Indonesia

Be proud Pancasila

  • Pancasila ideology which is a unique, an ideology that is able to accommodate plurality of the nation indonesian.
  • Pancasila born of the struggle of the Indonesian nation pahlwan, who willingly sacrifice for the independence of Indonesia is not another nation
  • Original ideology Pancasila is Indonesia’s state not from the middle east or west
  • Pancasila have a high tolerance for the Indonesian nation has a plurality of cultural and religious customs
  • Pancasila state so that is the basis NO ideology that may be changed

Idiologi Pancasila is original made from Indonesia

We can only use foreign products and glory, from the motorcycle, cars, music, club football even demand in foreign science. But there is a genuine product made in India that can not be disaingi products made by Japanese, European or Middle East, although the last one is always a side issue insignificant even religion. A product of the best match for the Indonesian people. A product called Pancasila ideology, the basic state can always be taken anywhere at any time and wherever we make as a people proud of Indonesia.

Kawanku Jayalah … Kepakan Sayapmu Garuda Pancasila Sakti … Merdeka!


Dedicated to the heroes of the nation that have been killed in the battle in maintaining NKRI to defance PC wherever they are.


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