Facts Life

Facts Life

1. Have at least 5 people in the world that you love and enjoy because you are dead.
2. At least 15 people in this world who love you in some way.
3. For the main someone hates you is because he wants to be like you.
4. Smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, although he does not like you.
5. Every night there is someone you remember before he sleeps.
6. Very meaningful in your life someone.
7. If not for you, someone that will not be happy living.
8. You are a very special and unique.
9. Someone you know does not love you.
10. When you make a very big mistake, there is wisdom dibaliknya.
11. If you feel dipinggirkan, think first, you may be the meminggirkan them.
12. If you think does not have any opportunity to get something you desire, you probably will not obtain it, but if you believe in yourself you will finally obtain.
13. Kenanglah all the praise you receive. Forget all the swearing.
14. Do not be afraid to excite your feelings, you will feel happy if someone knew.
15. If you have good friends, take time to memberitahunya that he is the best. Only needed a minute to get a good friend, for it menghargainya, a day to remain the most faithful friend. Although a wealth of many, remains the most valuable friend.


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  1. iki maksude opo tohh…

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